I used to write

Oh hey, guys. What happened? Well, remember that job I was worried about getting? Yea- as I expected I got offered it. And I accepted. I don’t start until August, but I just had some friends in town and also put on an art show.

No small feat… With that said, there is a TON of things on my mind… Curious?


Time of departure: 12:25 pm.

Weather: Seattle Summer.

Mood: Strangely serene.

Song on repeat : “We Used to Wait” Arcade Fire, The Suburbs. 

The good: Art show was a success. By success I mean I 1, got my shit together enough to display 175 photographs I’ve taken of people in and around Seattle. 2, built very simple but excellent “frames” for my polaroids, 3, my best friend and her husband made a Seattle trip from DC, and 4, a cute boy might have kissed me.


The bad: Have not had as much time to run with company in town. Feeling a bit pudgey today.

The ugly: I got a job. Yay? Starting August 7th I’ll be a marketing manager for a non-profit… I’m excited for the work I’ll do. Just dreading the commute. Life is starting to feel strange.

It seems strange
How we used to wait for letters to arrive
So let’s circle back to the most exciting thing I mentioned.

A boy kissed me!

But what’s stranger still
Is how something so small can keep you alive

All in all I’ll chalk this past weekend up to a win. I’m totally convinced it’s because I rearranged my room and the karma feng shui is much better.


Ooooo we used to wait
Sometimes it never came

So. Yep. Today while running I thought about my friends I had just dropped off at the airport. They are different then they were before. I am different than I was before. Times are changing. For once, I’m just going to sit back and go with it. I thought about how awesome it is that I have time off before I have to start working. I thought about pirogies because frankly I love pirogies.

Now our lives are changing fast
Hope that something pure can last

So we’ll see. Kansas is on pause. Job is on go. Partner is still TBD. One foot in front of the other. So slow. Always, so gosh darn. Slow.

Wait for it
Wait for it
Wait for it



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