What are you running from?

A proven scientific fact I just made up- a nice long run can help solve any problem. Lost your job? Take eight miles and think about what you really want to do next. Cat ran away? A nice five-mile sprint around the neighborhood counts as looking for that little butthead. Stressed about relationship woes? Take a breather and a 10-mile jog to gain some perspective. No matter what issue I’ve been facing I’ve found for the past half my life (mind you, I’m in my 30’s- we’re looking at 15+ years) there is nothing better than a few miles of pavement (or trails as I’ve started to go easier on my knees) to work through whatever shit is on my mind.

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Don’t trust the facts, trust the fiction

I know, I know. It’s been a hot minute. The operative word being hot. Seattle has finally succumbed to the lazy, hazy days of summer. Literally. There is smoke from BC wildfires casting a cloudy Instagram filter over the Emerald City.

Today marks my last day of mini-retirement. On Monday I start the next chapter of my career as a marketing manager (yay?).

Despite the increased heat and air quality warning I have kept up my running. Really, not only have I kept it up but as it is my last week of funemployment I have increased my milage to 9-10 miles per day.

And the thoughts- oh yeah, I’ve had em. Curious?

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What I give it takes away

Yep, still running strong to “Mountain at My Gates,” and that’s ok with me.

While I haven’t been writing everyday as I intended when I started this blog, I have been running.

Today while on my daily jog I spent the majority of my time in utter thankfulness that my legs work and reflected on just how much being able to run means to me. Fellow runners, want to nerd out with me?

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Show me the foothold from which I can climb

And now, we wait.

I accepted a job that starts in about 20 days. I kissed a boy last week (and I liked it), but I’m pretty sure the ball is now in his court. I’ve resigned to the universe to just go with the flow so here we are.


*it’s not.

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I used to write

Oh hey, guys. What happened? Well, remember that job I was worried about getting? Yea- as I expected I got offered it. And I accepted. I don’t start until August, but I just had some friends in town and also put on an art show.

No small feat… With that said, there is a TON of things on my mind… Curious?

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I’ve seen my features age

Hey there, it’s been a minute. I’ve gone on a few runs (and a nice long hike) but have been hurrying between points a and b with little time to jot down these thoughts…

For starters, if you have not yet downloaded/purchased/acquired Future Island’s The Far Field go do yourself a favor and put it in your ear holes stat.

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It’s a necessary thing

Guess who should be taking a break from running but definitely didn’t today…

Good guess.

Yow! My foot hurts. But, last night I drowned my sorrows with an entire box of Mrs. T’s classic cheddar pierogis , so… You know.

I recently had a conversation with someone. From this talk, I’ve deducted that whether I think I have control over it all or not, it’s going to happen. Life is going to keep moving. So I ask myself, how can I just roll with it and not worry so much about the things that are beyond my control?

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It’s hard to keep track of you falling through the sky

Well, heck.

Woke up real early today and fiddled on my phone a bit before going for a run. For the past few days the arch of my foot has really been bothering me, but considering recent events I really needed a run.

If I were slightly more playful I’d probably joke that today’s song was “Another one bites the dust,” but I’m probably more bummed out about it then I’m letting on.

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You spend your whole life searching


As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been having an interesting week. Between interviews I didn’t even know would be interviews, contract gigs and other life things… phew. Also, I am pretty confident that I took last night’s dose of melatonin twice because not only did I sleep for 11 straight hours but WHOA. Talk about weird dreams.

So, with nearly half a day’s worth of sleep in my back pocket I took off on today’s soggy, soggy run and had one of the more meta thoughts I’ve had in a while… Where do ideas come from?

How did I even get the idea to think about the thought about where ideas originate and are thought about? (Extra sleep?)

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I see it more and more each day

Well, yesterday I went to a coffee meeting that turned out to be a job interview.

I think I was dressed appropriately, at least in terms of Seattle business casual. I did my best to present myself in a positive light and thanks to recent circumstances (ahem, practice with asking questions on interviews in real life) I was able to pose insightful inquiries into the position and company.

Then, then my friends, I started working as a contractor for this very early stage start-up. This is a gig I interviewed for Monday and started Tuesday.

What is going on, universe?

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