What are you running from?

A proven scientific fact I just made up- a nice long run can help solve any problem. Lost your job? Take eight miles and think about what you really want to do next. Cat ran away? A nice five-mile sprint around the neighborhood counts as looking for that little butthead. Stressed about relationship woes? Take a breather and a 10-mile jog to gain some perspective. No matter what issue I’ve been facing I’ve found for the past half my life (mind you, I’m in my 30’s- we’re looking at 15+ years) there is nothing better than a few miles of pavement (or trails as I’ve started to go easier on my knees) to work through whatever shit is on my mind.

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I had it all planned out before you met me

It’s been quite the week of dark starts and the beginnings of perfect sunrises. I’ve even found a route which allows me a glimpse of the shadowy mountain. You know which one, the big one.

This morning I thought about color theory. In the spring at first break over the jagged peaks, the sun beams yellow while the sky is awash with pinks and violet hues. As winter approaches the sun burns orange, and diffuses into a crisp blue.The tertiary colors adjust themselves as the seasons transition. The rose colored glasses we don in the early year are replaced by spectacles the filter the light in a more primary fashion.

On another note, I met a man on the internet and I took him to a wedding for our first date so if you want to hear about that well you’ll have to
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I want to do all the things your lungs do so well

Good god. There is something to be said about 5AM runs after a 3-day trip where you don’t run (but maybe climb a mountain).

Altitude will getcha.

This morning was the first morning in the long stretch that evolves back to Seattle winter, the first morning that smelt like fall. Perhaps it’s the barely-rotting leaves which have begun to descend from the deciduous trees, gathering moisture on their trip back to earth.

But holy smokes, it feels like home

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Me I am wide awake

Experienced a first today. As I was leaving my house to drive to work, the sun was at the exact angle that it hit my corneas and just about blinded me for real. That paired with the fact that when I washed the ash off my beloved Desert Khaki colored Subaru Crosstrek I used some type of wax-wash and the windshield was splotchy and nearly opaque.

Almost hit a parked car.

On another note, sunrise was glorious at the tail-end of my run today. After weeks of haze and ash rain it was nice to breath in fresh air and see the peaks of the Cascade Mountain range against a sherbert sky.

Time of departure: run- 5:31, drive to work,7:02 am (after nearly hitting a row of parked cars and a utility worker).


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I asked myself for peace and found it at my feet

I have a confession.

I really like my office outfit today. It’s something between an artsy magazine intern meets kindergarten teacher meets power boss lady. (Red pencil skirt, black blouse with white polkda dots, my breakup boots, and a blazer that is actually a sweatshirt topped with one of my staples, a red circle(s-???) statement necklace.

I look hawt.

Isn’t it wonderful how wearing a great outfit makes you incredibly happy, especially after you experience a lovely run at day break?

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Hey y’all.

This post is long overdue. Went and accidentally got a job.

With that said, like all good things in life, one must pivot when changes present themselves. However, fret not, my one dear reader. I intend to get back into the writing because it was one thing I truly looked forward to. We just need to rethink the beauty of the road.

I’m still running, of course I am. My runs now start at 5:15 am, followed by a smoothine and a mad dash to get in the car and commute to work by 7:08.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

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Don’t trust the facts, trust the fiction

I know, I know. It’s been a hot minute. The operative word being hot. Seattle has finally succumbed to the lazy, hazy days of summer. Literally. There is smoke from BC wildfires casting a cloudy Instagram filter over the Emerald City.

Today marks my last day of mini-retirement. On Monday I start the next chapter of my career as a marketing manager (yay?).

Despite the increased heat and air quality warning I have kept up my running. Really, not only have I kept it up but as it is my last week of funemployment I have increased my milage to 9-10 miles per day.

And the thoughts- oh yeah, I’ve had em. Curious?

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What I give it takes away

Yep, still running strong to “Mountain at My Gates,” and that’s ok with me.

While I haven’t been writing everyday as I intended when I started this blog, I have been running.

Today while on my daily jog I spent the majority of my time in utter thankfulness that my legs work and reflected on just how much being able to run means to me. Fellow runners, want to nerd out with me?

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Show me the foothold from which I can climb

And now, we wait.

I accepted a job that starts in about 20 days. I kissed a boy last week (and I liked it), but I’m pretty sure the ball is now in his court. I’ve resigned to the universe to just go with the flow so here we are.


*it’s not.

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I used to write

Oh hey, guys. What happened? Well, remember that job I was worried about getting? Yea- as I expected I got offered it. And I accepted. I don’t start until August, but I just had some friends in town and also put on an art show.

No small feat… With that said, there is a TON of things on my mind… Curious?

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